Friday 23 August 2019

Potfest 2019 done!

Well thats Potfest over again for another year. I had a lovely time as usual and many thanks for coming to visit us!

I really enjoyed creating my competition pieces for this years title 'Avian Architecture'. I decided to re-visit my degree show project and create a collection of 'Home birds'. The Love birds house, the Messengers house and Lady Magpies house. 

The Love birds house, two doves live here symbolising eternal love and peace. The detail of two doves and heart buttons. There are also two eggs placed inside the piece. 

The Messengers house, 'pigeon post'. Represented with letter detail, postage markings, stamps, addresses and little letters. 

Lady Magpies house, she likes to collect shiny trinkets. The house is black and white representing the colours of the magpie with gold lustre detail and little shiny items placed inside and amongst it. The bird egg also has the magpie rhyme fired on the surface.