Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cumbrian and Carlisle floods 2015

You may have saw the recent severe flooding in Cumbria with my home city, Carlisle being one of the places badly affected. I have been without power and it has just been resorted this evening. This is nothing compared to the complete devastation that has happened at the weekend with many sadly losing their homes, possessions and businesses to the floods. It's so sad to see this happening around us but what amazing emergency services, rescue teams, volunteers and communities we have here in Cumbria. It's so uplifting that everyone helps and rallies round for each other. You are all doing a wonderful job.

I will try and respond to my emails and orders placed as soon as I can, also apologies with the delays with personalised orders, I hope to have the kilns back up and running very soon.

For anybody that has maybe tried to phone me, and it goes through to voice mail, apologies but I have no service and I'm not sure when this will be back up and running. If this is the case please email me or send me a message through Facebook as I can access this no problem. Thank you  x


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